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Going green at Shaloha Guesthouse – JBay Accommodation

Magical path in the Noorsekloof, Jeffrey's bay - Jbay Supertubes Accommodation

Here at Shaloha Guesthouse we have a passion for going green, and greening J-bay. Most visitors to Jeffrey’s either flock here to surf or to watch the surfers doing their thing. Few people ever find out that just up the road from the guesthouse is a magical green belt called the Noorsekloof nature reserve.

Here you can hide away from the wind or crowds for a day in fairy land- a forest filled with various bird and wildlife and many tree species found only in this area. Catch a glimpse of a Porcupine, Blue Duiker(one of the smallest antelope in the world!), Tree Dassie or the reclusive Caracal.

Like most pristine places on Earth, the Noorsekloof is under threat from development and needs to be managed more successfully. At Shaloha Guesthouse we have a passion for for what makes our town so beautiful, and the nature reserve is on the top of our list.

We are in the process of developing a partner project to Shaloha called ‘J-bay soul’- a non profit organization to preserve these sensitive habitats and re-green Jeffrey’s bay. We will work closely with Alison of the Supertubes foundation (http://www.savesupertubes.com/enviromental.asp) to preserve the dunes in front of Shaloha, and then move up the hill to the nature reserve to combat plant theft, dogs hunting in the forest and illegal sewerage run-off.

Our dream is a forest in the midst of J-bay suburbia that provides a pristine environment for the small creatures who dwell there (they are, after all, the original locals) as well as clearly-marked hiking trails for visitors to experience this unique J-bay natural wonder.

With the awareness of the community and a little bit of knowledge we can realize this dream in no time at all. Add to this a little rumour we heard just the other day: Stone age tools have been found, by amateur diggers, in and around the reserve. This makes it a very probable future heritage site!

So, next time you are staying at Shaloha Guesthouse or anywhere in Jeffreys bay, drop by and get directions to this ancient and beautiful natural area and experience the magic for yourself.