CNN- Supertubes Jbay – The best right-hand pointbreak in the World? – report by Shaloha Guesthouse

supertubes jbay accommodation

Well it’s official- Supertubes is the best right-hand point break in the world according to CNN. World’s 50 best surf spots. Overall, Supertubes comes in at 2nd to the iconic left-hand reef break Pipeline in Hawaii.

So, this is what they have to say about the famous break in front of Shaloha Guesthouse-

“In second place we’ve picked the right-hand ride of your life. J Bay offers long fast barrels off this intense point break and has plenty of choice with the bay divided into sections: Kitchen Windows, Magna Tubes, Boneyards and the mecca of all waves: Supertubes. Expert surfers flock here for rides up to 300 meters long.”

That is quite a feat, especially when you look further down the line: Supertubes came ahead of Bali, Uluwatu, Indonesia, the superbank in Australia, to name a few. These are names that send any surfer’s imagination into overdrive. So it’s quite an honour to be listed so high up.

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