Anton Joubert’s unique eye on J-bay

Anton Joubert is well known on the World Pro Surfing Circuit and spends most of his time travelling round the globe. He specializes in photos of all the big surfing heroes such as Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Shaun Joubert and all the others.

Besides taking great action shots of the surfers on the circuit, it’s Antons artistic eye for line ups and landscape photography that first caught my attention. I was really looking for a particular feel in the photos we posted on the Shaloha Guesthouse page, and after much searching I happened upon Anton’s work.

It was one of those ‘ah ha’ moments when i stumbled upon Anton’s son Shaun’s blog- Here were the high quality images I had been searching for for months. They captured not only the moods of Jeffrey’s bay as I know them from living and surfing here, but also the crisp, modern and luxurious feel we have aimed at in designing Shaloha Guesthouse for the past year.

I quickly started setting about contacting Anton through his son Shaun, but they were on a tight schedule and heading to the U.S in the next 24 hours! Just when i thought all was lost and I would not get the look I was going for, I received a call from Anton’s wife Minette, an absolutely charming and kind woman. She informed me that Anton would only be too happy to let us use the images for the exposure, as he still considers it a hobby of his and in no way considers himself a professional photographer! Needless to say I was over the moon, and quickly went about uploading them.

Immediately the website was transformed, so this is my Thank you to the Joubert family who so graciously went out of their way for a complete stranger.

I can’t wait to meet you guys and you are welcome at Shaloha anytime.